Upon completion of your vessel at the building yard, Damen Services steps in to make all arrangements for delivery to your chosen location. Delivering upwards of 150 vessels a year, we are able to provide a service that protects you from risk or surprise. Damen’s extensive international network positions us well to arrange the best transport options, wherever you are operating, for a fast, efficient delivery. Whether an own keel or heavy-lift delivery, we have the experience to assist with all documentation, formalities and contracts.

Damen has a worldwide service support network and experience of shipping to distant and remote destinations

When transporting vessels under own-keel, Ship Delivery Services handles:

  • All port calls
  • Agency contacts
  • Bunkering & Stores
  • Planning & Communications
  • Insurance & Documentation
  • Technical support
  • Ship delivery services

In towage or heavy marine transport situations, Ship Delivery Services manages:

  • Direct contact with heavy lift carriers
  • Export documentation
  • Required drawings and calculations
  • Transfer to building/ loading location
  • Supervision of loading and lashing operations


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