Damen Triton is the remote monitoring and operational insight system developed by Damen that aims to put operational data to work in the maritime environment to maximize operations - value creation – in the areas of safety, sustainability and efficiency.


Enabling value creation from operational data in the maritime environment:


Increase awareness and reduce chance of incidents.


Mapping and reducing environmental footprint.


Using operational insight to optimize operations.

Why choose Damen?

Digital integration

The digital world is developing rapidly and many digital maritime solutions are offered. To maximize the use and output of these solutions for ship operators, they should be available in a single platform. This is exactly what Damen offers, building on years of experience with system and service integration with a wide range of partners. We provide one central platform that enables continuous operational optimization and improvement, supporting your complete operation. The following aspects are key in our Damen digital platform:


Safe connection & storage, complying with ISO-NEN standards, reviewed by external auditor.

Modular platform

One location for operational information, build on Microsoft Azure and the latest IoT Edge technology.


We understand maritime conditions and the importance to ensure reliable data availability.

How does it work?

Making the connection

For the different ship types the valuable sensors have been carefully selected to ensure that data collection is done in an effective and efficient manner. The goal is to prevent data overload, while guaranteeing the availability of relevant information. Specific needs will be addressed on request, to ensure your operational requirements are met.

The Connected Vessel Platform is a service enabled by a combination of engineering, hardware, connectivity and software on board/in the cloud. It consists of three main elements:


Data collection from various systems on board. A selection is made of the relevant sensors.


Secure data transfer, automatically buffer the data if no internet connection is available.


Centralized, secured storage of data – mapped and preprocessed.

What applications are available?

Current possibilities

Based on the data connection and storage many additional services and applications are offered. This is under continuous development to maximize value creation from the operational data and will, for example, soon support 3rd party applications. The existing functionalities are described below.

For information and/or other functionalities of the Triton system, please contact your representative at Damen or contact:


Are you ready to discover?

Subscription packages

The remote monitoring package is offered for all Damen newbuild vessels as well as for retrofit on any other vessel. After installation clients can choose between different subscription packages based on their needs. Existing clients always have the possibility to try new functionalities once these are released, as long as these are supported by the installed hardware.

Future outlook

Digitization is one of the focus areas within Damen and the possibilities with the remote monitoring and operational insight tool evolve quickly. Our dream is to provide full lifecycle propositions, where a holistic approach is taken towards maritime assets, including the operation, positively impacting safety, efficiency and sustainability. We want to have you onboard on this journey to create the future together. Will you join us?


Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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