Being a family-owned company, the welfare of the people working for us and with us is paramount. We give safety the highest priority. Every day. Everywhere.

Being aware that our product will be the future working place of our customers, our concern for Health, Safety and Wellbeing does not limit itself to our own facilities

We think that safety is not expensive but priceless. Damen maintains effective health and safety management plans to prevent injury and ill health. We comply with and, where practical, exceed our legal duties concerning health and safety. Proactive involvement, personal responsibility, accountability and continuous improvement are expected from everyone at Damen in order to achieve a safe environment.


Damen’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) standards are actively managed in all countries in which we operate. The local legislation and regulations at each site are observed and the local management is responsible for full compliance to both local legislation and Damen policies. With the aim of sharing knowledge and experience in the concerning field, a Steering Committee Health and Safety is part of the HSEQ Management. It is chaired by the CEO and comprises representatives of the major group companies, setting stretch targets to substantially improve the group’s performance in this field. Incidents are registered centrally, evaluated and discussed periodically, and vital lessons are shared throughout the organisation to prevent future incidents.

At Damen, we are committed to conducting ourselves in a responsible manner to protect people in every area of the world in which we operate.

Safety on site and on board

At Damen we consider our people our most valuable asset. Fit and healthy employees are a prerequisite for continuity, trust and commitment. Not only do we strive to provide a safe working environment, we are also committed to the overall well-being and satisfaction of our workforce. Because of this, we continue to increase our internal awareness of health and safety-related matters, for example by our corporate “GRIP” (Governance of Risk and Incident Prevention) campaign and the “Damen Safety Day”.

Although we ensure that our personnel, visitors and the general public are not exposed to health and safety risks at and around our yards, we know that our responsibility goes beyond our own facilities. We know that our products will be our customers’ future workplace. From overall ship design down to the tiniest details - we continuously invest in product innovation to ensure optimum health and safety conditions for the people working on our ships.


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