We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. From the initial design process all the way to the end of a ship’s life – our commitment to the environment is always present.


Damen’s researchers and designers are investigating the development a new generation of cleaner ships. Our designs aim to optimise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact without losing performance and reliability. When selecting a vessel’s primary and secondary systems, we consider local environmental laws and voluntary international environmental standards. Our design team is open to discuss any requirements regarding environmental friendly solutions.

Damen is committed to ensure building processes are executed with minimal environmental impact.


Damen values close and long-lasting relationships with its suppliers and maintains contact with them on a regular basis. This ensures stable quality, (cost) efficiency and reliability. Moreover, it offers promising potential to work together towards more sustainable procurement of materials. Our current efforts are devoted to local sourcing, offering great opportunities to minimise energy use, emissions and waste. This can be explained by reduced transport distances, less required wrapping material and relieved infrastructure, resulting in a positive global impact.


Shipbuilding, repair and conversion activities contain complex and high-energy processes with a significant impact on the environment. Therefore, Damen invests a lot in environmental management during production. Such practice ensures that we minimise the ecological footprint of our products, not only during the production phase, but also throughout the entire lifecycle. Damen adheres to, and often exceeds, all local environmental laws and promotes prudent environmental practice of all subcontractors and suppliers.

At Damen, we are committed to conducting ourselves in a responsible manner to protect people in every area of the world in which we operate.


Damen’s training programmes cover the optimal use of a ship, proper handling and discarding of hazardous and polluting substances as well as prevention of emergency situations. Furthermore, our Services department can offer support for the entire vessel lifecycle and our overhaul services make our customers’ vessels ready to meet local environmental laws. Last but not least, our Research & Development department investigates in autonomous sailing, enabling efficient steering and route planning.

Decommissioning & Recycling

Scrapping and recycling unutilised vessels and large offshore structures is a complex process that requires the greatest care. Damen offers a competitive and responsible dismantling service for ships and structures at a number of our European shipyards. We believe that optimal recycling already starts in the design phase, with a careful selection of components and materials. Our Research & Development department is continuously searching for alternative materials to increase the amount of material that can be recycled.


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