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Rivers and tidal movements result in a continuous sediment flow. This sediment will deposit, whether in a port, access channel or river. To keep harbour terminals at the right depth, to ensure that navigation channels remain open and to unblock irrigation systems, cooling water inlets, ponds and lakes, maintenance dredging is a constant need.

The location and depth of the dredge job determine the type of dredger to choose. A cutter suction dredger will pump compacted sand continuously. A hopper dredger is highly manoeuvrable in a busy port. A DOP Dredger dredges hydropower dams and reservoirs at great depths, a single DOP is as small submersible dredge pump the ideal tool connected to an excavator. Should you need assistance, please contact us to discuss your dredging works.


Pumping sand efficiently in great quantities is key when new infrastructure is created. Land reclamation for new industrial areas or airports, requires the excavation and transport of vast amounts of sand and gravel. Expansion or deepening of a harbour or navigation channel and coastal protection involves high dredged volumes as well.

In case of swell, for instance during beach nourishment, a hopper dredge or TSHD is the best solution. Creating a new harbour basin can be done by both a TSHD or a stationary suction dredger, such as the CSD. Should the project be inland and mining, both the CSD and the DOP Dredger could do the dredging job effortlessly. Should you need assistance, please contact us to discuss your dredging works.


How to dredge a river with polluted sediments, or how to clean a settling pond or rehabilitate a contaminated lake? Submersible pumps are key to maximising the dredgers mixture concentration. Whether for management of tailings storage facilities or for maintenance of tailings dams or slime dams, precision dredging and minimising turbidity are key.

A DOP dredge pump can be used to remove sediment and pump it for instance to GeoTubes for safe storage. Also DOP Dredgers can be fitted out with a high precision auger head to remove contaminated slurry and pump it to a safe storage area. Cutter suction dredgers can be used in compacted sediments. Should you need assistance with your remediation project, please contact us to discuss matching dredging equipment.


The demand for sand and gravel for the construction industry in ceaseless. Mining activity, offshore and inland, therefore never stops. Large scale sand dredging and aggregate excavation at sea is done using specially adapted hopper dredgers. Designed for the harsh environment they operate in, Marine Aggregate Dredgers have been made for mineral mining at impressive dredging depths, to screen the aggregates on board and to transport the cargo to an on-shore processing plant. For near shore operation the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) range is available.

Inland dans mining is done by stationary suction dredgers. Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD) can be used for pumping high concentrations of compacted sand. DOP Dredgers have a nearly unlimited dredging depth using the DOP submersible pump for mining sand. Should you need assistance, please contact us to discuss your mining job.


Transport of dredged material such as construction sand can be performed efficiently using river transport, i.e. barges. Loading and unloading sand barges can be done practically using a DOP - which is a small submersible dredge pump. Designed for pumping sand, the submersible slurry pump is lowered into a barge in which plenty of transport water is added.

The excavator mounted dredge pump can be manoeuvred easily. The DOP submersible pump is available as electric dredge pump as well as hydraulic dredge pump. The dredge unit can be located on a pontoon or on quay. Please contact us to discuss your dredge job requirements.


Building pits for tube tunnels or underground car parks can be excavated using a submersible pump. Usually such construction works entails small scale dredging in confined spaces. The DOP submersible dredge pump has been designed for the job : its limited size makes it fit for the restricted areas of civil constructions, and its handling allows for precision dredging.

Mounted onto an excavator, A-frame or wire crane, the DOP is manoeuvred into the building pit. The dredge pump removes silt, pumps slurry and mines sand continuously through a connected pipe line. The DOP submersible pump is available as electric dredge pump as well as hydraulic dredge pump. Please contact us to discuss your dredge job requirements.

Damen Dredging Equipment

Draga de succión con cortadora

Damen ofrece una amplia gama de dragas de succión con cortadora estacionarias estándar, conocidas por su durabilidad, potencia y numerosas opciones.

Bomba DOP

Versatile dredging tools, our DOP submersible dredge pumps have wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pumps at their heart.

Draga de tolva de succión en marcha

Para los trabajos de dragado de mantenimiento, hemos diseñado nuestras dragas de tamaño pequeño y mediano de succión en marcha, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers, disponibles con numerosas opciones.

Estación de impulsión

Perfecta para grandes instalaciones de trabajo. Las estaciones de impulsión de Damen facilitan el trabajo con grandes distancias de trabajo.

Draga DOP

La draga DOP de Damen es un sistema de dragado modular totalmente desmontable. Se trata de una draga muy versátil y adaptable con numerosas opciones disponibles.

Draga Marine Aggregate

La serie de dragas Marine Aggregate posee innovadores diseño para el mercado de dragado de áridos. Los buques pueden dragar eficazmente arena y grava, clasificar el material, drenar y descargar a tierra.

Dragadas de inyección de agua

Kit de dragado de inyección de agua específico y desmontable para cualquier bote de trabajo.

Componentes de dragado

Adecuado para componentes de dragado resistentes al desgaste para reacondicionamientos y nueva construcción.

Tubo de succión de seguimiento

Suministramos kits de draga de tubo de seguimiento a astilleros de todo el mundo.

Instrumentos de dragado

Reacondicione su draga con la instrumentación de dragado de Damn para mejorar su funcionamiento.


Nuestra amplia gama de componentes y años de experiencia pueden dar lugar a promociones especiales. Dragas eficientes fabricadas para cada condición de trabajo o proyecto: hechas para cada finalidad.

Damen Dredging Support Vessels


Los Shoalbusters de Damen son perfectos para operaciones en aguas interiores, aguas costeras y portuarias.

Multi Cats

Nuestra serie Multi Cat es una gama completa de barcos de trabajo multifuncionales construidos con los diseños más avanzados y componentes de alta calidad estandarizados.

Multi Cat Modular

El Multi Cat Modular de Damen está especialmente diseñado para operaciones de tracción o remolque, suministro y grúa.

Stan Pontoons

Damen Stan Pontoons are the perfect solution for extra floating storage and work space. We have various size, propulsion and mooring options to match your needs.

Modular Pontoons

Damen Modular Pontoons can be used as heavy duty work platforms for a broad range of operations including drilling, dredging, accommodation and heavy lifting operations.

Stan Tender 1504

Busca un barco de trabajo multifuncional para desempeñar servicios portuarios? El Stan Tender de alta velocidad de Damen es la solución.

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