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Today’s world demands more of us. Our tugs are constantly evolving just like the world in which they operate. We innovate and improve every day. Our tugs are available for you. Today. To date we have sold over 2400 amounts of tugs worldwide in over 120 countries. Explore two of our bestselling tug ranges now, which are proven to be reliable and the best performers in your harbour.

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ASD Tugs

Damen Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tugs embody a mix of new designs and proven Damen heritage, placing the future on a solid foundation in harbour and terminals or at sea. Our offer is a range of vessels with between 40 to 85 tonnes bollard pull combining safety and sustainability with efficiency, reliability and high value over the vessel’s lifecycle.

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Our Stock ASDs for quick delivery

Product sheet ASD Tug 2813

Product sheet ASD Tug 2312

Product sheet ASD Tug 2811

Product sheet ASD Tug 3010 ICE

Product sheet ASD Tug 2810

Product sheet ASD Tug 2609 ICE

RSD Tugs

Compact in size, powerful in performance and effective by design. The 80 tonnes bollard pull Damen Reversed Stern Drive (RSD) and the electric RSD version (70 tonnes bollard pull) is a revolutionary concept built on Damen’s legacy of Tug design. Sailing always bow first, this is the tug of choice for high dynamic bow and stern towing jobs with minimum engine power. She offers high levels of manoeuvrability for ease of use in ports and a high freeboard to ensure dry decks. The RSD comes in 2 versions: RSD Tug 2513 and RSD Tug 2513 Electric.

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Product sheet RSD Tug 2513

Product sheet RSD Tug 2513 Electric

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