Damen’s ultra-modern (Fast) Ferries, Water Taxis, Water Buses, RoPax and Double Ended Ferries operate all over the world. We build these fuel efficient Public Transport vessels to state-of-the-art designs.
The fit for purpose design of Damen Modular Ferry 3710 allows safe and sustainable crossings, forging local connections

Modular Ferry 3710

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The Damen Modular Ferry 2610 can easily be transported to remote areas and allow assembly on site

Modular Ferry 3612

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All selected machinery and equipment of Damen Modular ferry 3610 is based on robust and proven technology

Modular Ferry 3610

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Damen Modular Ferry 3012 is configured out of container sized units

Modular Ferry 3012

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Damen Modular Ferry 2010 is reliable, safe and fast transportation, forging connections, developing infrastructure

Modular Ferry 2010

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The hull of a RoPax 5212 passenger ferry hull has been launched

Launch hull RoPax Ferry 5212 at Niron Staal Amsterdam (part of Damen Shipyards Group)

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The Damen 80-metre ice class RoPax ferry MV Veteran handover to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (GNL)

Arrival of RoPax Ferry MV Veteran in Newfoundland, Canada

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The 80-metre ice class ferry, named MV Legionnaire, will transport up to 60 cars and 200 passengers

Launch RoPax Ferry MV Legionnaire

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The Damen River Ferries offers fast and comfortable transport for rather small groups of passengers

Damen River Ferry 2306 Veertaxi Gorinchem XI

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