21 January 2020

In January an impressive line-up of AMELS and DAMEN yachts are capturing local attention on the outfitting quays of Damen Yachting's Vlissingen City yard in the Netherlands, including the hull of a 78-metre AMELS Full Custom yacht. When completed in 2021, the yacht will be the largest AMELS to date.

Currently 13 yachts are at the busy Vlissingen hub of the Damen Shipyards Group’s yachting division, including both the Vlissingen City yard and the Vlissingen East yard. The AMELS Full Custom yacht joins four AMELS Limited Editions yachts, two DAMEN SeaXplorers and five refits.

In total we currently have 26 yacht projects underway at both our new build and hull building facilities. Completing all these projects requires expert project management and craftsmanship from everyone involved.

In early January the hull of the 78-metre AMELS Full Custom project arrived for outfitting from the hull builder, Damen Shipyards Galati on the Danube river. When completed in 2021, the 2,850 Gross Tonnage yacht will be larger than the current AMELS flagship– the 83-metre HERE COMES THE SUN, which has a 2,827 Gross Tonnage. The yacht is the Dutch yacht builder’s first fully custom built yacht since introducing its AMELS Limited Editions range in 2005.

Watch the video about busy start to 2020 for AMELS and DAMEN


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