2 November 2017

How to dress your dredge pump for success

Dredge pumps can be fitted out with a second outer pump casing. Up to now, this meant a large, heavy piece of steel. Pioneering research by Damen R&D engineers has resulted in a patented pump cover, which can be zipped onto your current dredge pump effortlessly. Full details will be uncovered at the CEDA Dredging Days.

The new DynaCover is made of finely woven super strong Dyneema fibres, which can be mounted around any existing cast pump casing. The total weight is only 10% of a similar steel casing, resulting in serious weight gain. Moreover, the limited size of the cover results in a lower position of the entire dredge pump which is favourable for the dredge pumps suction properties. Using the outer cover, the inner pump casing can be worn to the max and enhances crew safety significantly on board at the same time. The DynaCover consists of a Dyneema clamp-mounted inner cover and a NOMEX zipped-on outer cover.

The choice of Dyneema is a logical one. The Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibres have extreme long molecular aligned chains, high crystallization, and low density to transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone. The fibres are stronger at the same weight or lighter at the same strength than alternatives and therefore typically used for making i.e. ballistic bulletproof vests.

All technology on the super-fibres and their application comes from PROTEQ bodygear, a company specialised in developing and producing tailor-made bulletproof vests. For the DynaCover, PROTEQ uses an endless woven fabric of Dyneema-fibres consisting of multiple layers of uninterrupted material, of which the strength is comparable to an astonishing 40 mm steel. The total amount of finely-woven inert super-fibre optimally absorb energy in all layers at ballistic speeds. The extreme high modulus determines the high sonic velocity in the fibre indicating the area and layers of the fabrics involved in stopping projectiles. The advantages of this man-made material are innumerable, up to 15 times stronger than steel, floats on water and resistant to moisture, UV and chemicals as well as 100% recyclable.

Around the Dyna-Cover, a NOMEX outer cover is zipped. The innovative zip design not only ensures simple mounting, but also acts as detector for a burst inner pump casing. The Dyneema cover being water tight, the burst casing is detected by a tension QuickBurst zipper in the NOMEX cover automatic opening under higher tension. Once a new inner casing is mounted, both covers can be re-used by simply re-zipping the QuickBurst zipper.

Full details of the ground breaking design of the patented DynaCover can be found at the CEDA Dredging Days. On 10th November at 11.00 Mr Ewout van Duursen, Damen Research engineer, will present his paper on the design process, the various full scale pressure test and their results. The Damen booth will show the DynaCover, and Mr Van Duursen will be present for further explanations.

The DynaCover shows out-of-the-box research resulting in an innovation which will be put to good use in the dredging industry.


An example of the cover can be seen at the Damen booth nr 15 at the CEDA Dredging Days, more details can be obtained during the presentation during Session 6 (10 November 2017 11h00)


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