10 May 2017

Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam (Maaskant) is to build a new beam trawler for the Netherlands fishing fleet. The client is the Hakvoort Brothers from Urk, the Netherlands. The vessel, which will use a stock hull, will join another fishing boat operated by Hakvoort Brothers. This was also built by Damen Maaskant yard, 17 years ago. Based on a well proven design, the new trawler will be 41.05 metres in length and have a beam of 9 metres. As yet unnamed, her registration number will be UK-46.

Jan Cornelis GO-22 was built to the Damen Maaskant design in 2006

Beam trawlers use outrigger booms to tow two trawls, one on each side. In the North Sea they are commonly used to catch shrimp and flatfish. The last such fishing boat to join the Dutch fishing fleet was the Catharina KW-145, launched in 2006. Prior to that, Maaskant delivered two others; the Cornelia BR-14 in 2004 and the Jan Cornelis GO-22 in 2006. Both these were also built to the Damen Maaskant design.

The specification will include a type 12 DZC main engine from ABC, delivering 1999 hp at 700 rpm to a Reintjes gearbox, type WAF 3455, and a nozzle propeller with a diameter of 3,600 mm. The winch will be a Maaskant winch, type M 220 EP4 160 EP6.

Completion is scheduled for February 2018, and the new vessel will be an integral part of the growth of the company as the next generation of Hakvoorts join the business.

Frits van Dongen, Managing Director at Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam, commented, “It gives us great pleasure to be building another beam trawler for a long-standing customer. We are confident that the new vessel will give many years of efficient and effective service.”


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