9 June 2016

SAFEEN, the subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports formerly known as Abu Dhabi Marine Services, has taken delivery of a Damen Shoalbuster 2609 named MAQTAA to join its existing fleet. Like all the vessels in Damen’s Shoalbuster range she is a multi-purpose, shallow draught workboat capable of undertaking a wide range of roles including towing, mooring, pushing, anchor handling, dredge support, supplying and other support activities. The order was placed by SAFEEN just two months ago.

MAQTAA’s primary role is providing towage and berthing assistance in the Emirate. She will also undertake maintenance support for local aids to navigation such as buoys and lights. To achieve her goals, she has been fitted with a 15-tonne crane, A-frame and two buoy chain stoppers, plus three wire drum winches for the towing. With SAFEEN being responsible for nearly 1200 beacons and buoys there will be plenty of work for her to do in that department alone.

The 26-metre Shoalbuster will join an existing buoy maintenance vessel operated by SAFEEN called Al Shahama. The latter was built in 1994 in Abu Dhabi under a Damen Technical Cooperation design and materials package. 22 years on, she is still in operation and in a very good condition. The two vessels will work together when required. Warranty support, maintenance and repairs will be provided by Damen Shipyards Sharjah, just a short distance up the coast.


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