6 June 2016

Vessels built for stock in anticipation of continuous market demand.

Damen has commenced construction of two identical Crane Barge 6324 vessels. Designed as a particularly cost effective transshipment platform, the barges are being built on a speculative basis in order to offer clients the fastest possible delivery.

Damen’s Crane Barge 6324 is a low cost transshipment barge designed for ship-to-ship, ship-to-barge or ship-to-quay operations. The design is also suitable for flexible harbour services being able to tranship dry bulk, containers and breakbulk. The 63-metre long vessel boasts 750m2 of deck space, with additional below-deck lashing stores.

“These Crane Barges are perfectly suited for shifting coal, iron and agribulk materials – all of which are internationally important commodities.” comments Design Engineer Hugo Hoekstra. “ Bigger bulk vessels and port developments require different infrastructure which is expensive and time consuming. These Transshipment Barges relocate the loading and lightering to a location with sufficient depth. For operators, such as port authorities and harbour logistics companies, working in this very competitive market, these vessels will serve as a ‘no-frills’ option – they are as functional as they need to be.”

“We have great confidence in this product and in this market – that’s why we are building these two vessels for stock. A potential buyer will be able to take advantage of a very fast delivery time.” These barges are proven concepts. Damen has previously built two of these vessels – one of which is used now for bulk transhipment on South American rivers, the other for container transhipment. The user feedback from these projects has been incorporated into the design so that these next two represent a process of evolution.

To ensure an optimally efficient design, Damen’s in-house Product specialists have collaborated with numerous other departments within the company. For example, the jib rest has been optimised to provide greater safety during transshipment and, alternatively, for servicing sheaves of the crane.

Both Crane Barges will be installed with a Liebherr CBG 350 crane – providing efficient loading capabilities with grab operations of 35 tonnes at 36 metres and hook operations at 45 tonnes at 36 metres. The double drum mooring winches are positioned in such a way to enhance safety during mooring operation and minimise the potential for hazards. Damen’s roots in the production of workboats comes out in the detail, fulfilling the company’s goal of delivering high quality, reliable and easy to operate and maintain vessels.

“For this product we cooperate with partners like PON for generator sets, Van der Leun for electrical systems, DMT for the winches and Liebherr for the crane. This relatively new product complements our portfolio,“ Mr Hoekstra continues. “Damen is able to provide complete packages of products to serve the specific needs of our clients. A one stop shop for your new built vessels, spares, services or maintenance and repair jobs. Damen serves the bulk industry as they serve any industry. You don’t only buy a vessel, but become part of the family. To start you off with your transshipment operations, we’ve included crane driver-training to optimise your throughput.”


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