5 February 2016

On 20 January 2016, Corima, part of the Italy-based Gesmar Group, held an official handover ceremony for a Damen ASD 2810 tug. The festivities were attended by invited guests that included representatives from Ancona’s port and city authorities.

The family-owned Gesmar Group is the largest towage operator in the Adriatic Sea. The Group’s scope of activities reach to providing harbour assistance duties at eight Italian ports in addition to towing, escorting and offshore towage, safety and FiFi duties at a several offshore oil terminals.

Following the on-time and on-budget delivery in November 2015, Corima has mobilised the new 28.67-metre tug, called Musone, in the Port of Ancona, where it provides support services for two oil terminals and one SPM (Safe Point Mooring buoy) for large tankers, operated by API Refinery.

The Musone represents an important investment for the area and will contribute to the local economy of the Ancona. In addition to its role in the oil industry, the Port of Ancona also handles significant numbers of containers and dry bulk cargo. It is also an important location for the ferry and cruise industries.

Corima’s acquisition of the new tug was necessary due to infrastructure developments at the Port of Ancona. “This fleet renewal was required because the new port entrance makes it more difficult to manoeuvre there,” informs Riccardo Vitiello, Corima President and Managing Director Gesmar Group. “Musone will replace one of our twin screw tugs, giving the fleet more flexibility and power.”

Damen’s ASD 2810 is a versatile design: one that is suited to harbour-based duties as well as operations in open water. The vessel’s twin Caterpillar engines deliver 1,865 kW resulting in a 60-tonne bollard pull.

Corima’s tug captains will put that power to optimum effect in what Mr Vitiello describes as the ideal towing arrangement, combining Tractor tug with ASD tug. “I think that the best towing configuration is to have a Tractor tug at the bow of the vessel and an ASD at the stern of the vessel. This way both tugs work heading forward.”

Since delivery, Musone has been operational at both the Port of Ancona and the oil terminal, Mr Vitiello goes on to say. “The feedback I have received from our tug masters has been very positive. They have many years’ experience on a Damen 3110 so they have good criteria when comparing these tugs. They have found the Musone much faster and more responsive during manoeuvring.”

“I would like to thank our client for their cooperation throughout this project,” states Damen Regional Sales Manager Andrea Trevisan. “The feeling of respect and esteem that Damen and Corima has for each other is reciprocal. This delivery will build on the foundations of our firm business relationship.”



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