15 January 2016

At the end of December the new 74-metre AMELS 242 emerged briefly at the Dutch luxury yacht builder’s yard in Vlissingen, providing an end-of-year glimpse into one of 2016's most exciting deliveries.

Still sitting high in the water with empty tanks (lightship) and protective wrapping, she was moved to drydock 2 for the finishing stages of construction. Delivery is well on track for Spring 2016.

Moran Yacht & Ship’s new construction team is overseeing building of the first AMELS 242 in the Limited Editions range. The beautifully balanced Tim Heywood design features eye-catching accents and his signature curves. Winch Design has created the interiors.

The relocation of the yacht accommodates the busy production schedule at AMELS, where 10 projects are underway.


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