25 November 2015

Ӧresund, Sweden-based BogserTeam Ӧresund (BTӦ), part of MarCon gruppen, recently signed a contract with the Damen Shipyards Group for the delivery of a Damen ASD Tug 2810. MarCon gruppen is currently experiencing growth and is undertaking a programme of renewal and expansion to its fleets.

The ASD 2810 is currently being built on series at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania. The completed vessel will be delivered to the client in June 2016, after which she will sail under her own keel to Sweden. Here, she will join two other tugs currently operated by BTӦ and carry out harbour and escort towage duties in the Sound, between Denmark and Sweden.

Bill Söderberg, a Director within MarCon gruppen, explained his reasons for ordering his company’s new vessel from Damen. “We needed a tug with a good reputation and capability and Damen has a proven track record with the ASD 2810. The standardisation was also an important factor for us; it means that we don’t have to dedicate a part of our operation to supervising a newbuild project in a shipyard for several months.”

Additionally, MarCon gruppen already operates two Damen vessels – a Shoalbuster 2609 and a Twin Axe 2610 – and the experience with these two vessels also helped Bill in his decision-making. “These vessels have performed well and the purchasing process and after-sales care helped us to build a good working relationship with Damen. This gave me a lot of confidence when we needed a new tug.”

Before signing the contract, Bill and his colleague Hans Andersson accompanied Damen Sales Manager Chiel de Leeuw to 360-Control Tug & Offshore Simulator Training Centre in IJmuiden, the Netherlands where they experienced an ASD 2810 simulator. Additionally, they had the opportunity to sail on board an actual ASD 2810 to get an idea of the vessels’ performance. Thoroughly satisfied with the experience, Mr Andersson commented that the vessel was “like being in a Ferrari!” 

Mr De Leeuw: “Because of Damen’s practice of building in series, we were able to give the client the chance to experience the vessel first-hand before committing to ordering one themselves. That way, they know exactly what to expect when they take delivery of their own vessel next year. At the same  time, we are able to get a clear picture of the client’s needs and make sure we tailor our series production vessel entirely to their needs.” 


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