25 June 2015

Smooth manoeuvrability with controllable pitch propellers and special Render Recovery winches

Svitzer, the global market leader within towage and emergency response, has ordered two more Damen ASD 3212 tugs with 80 tonnes bollard pull performance for its escort and towing operations on the Thames and Felixstowe. They are being built at Damen’s state-of-the-art Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam and will be delivered to Svitzer UK in October 2015.

The 32 metre ASD tugs, designed for push-pull, escorting, towing and fire-fighting operations, feature a 12.2 metre beam and speed of 14 knots. For propulsion, they are equipped with two Caterpillar 3516C HD TA/D engines with a total power of 5,050 bkW at 1,800 rpm.

Svitzer specialises in escorting large vessels − tankers, cruise ships, bulk containers and container ships. Damen Sales Manager Mr Martijn Smit explains why these tugboats are extremely suitable for handling large vessels. “Being able to change pitch and power during operation allows smooth and superior manoeuvrability of these big vessels.” These tugboats have 2,800mm controllable-pitch propellers in combination with special render recovery winches. The render recovery winches are equipped with a 200 tonne break, render 100 tonnes at 100m/min and 60 tonnes at 50m/min at second layer, while normal mode pull is 60 tonnes at 20m/min.

“Damen is happy to be able to provide Svitzer with the standardised fit-for-purpose tugboats and fast turnaround they are looking for. Over the past couple of years, Svitzer UK has increased its Damen tugboat orders. We have a long history of fruitful collaboration,” adds Mr Smit.

Svitzer UK ordered its first ASD 3212 tug in 2014; a model outfitted with a fixed-pitch propeller in combination with a forward winch. Svitzer UK’s tug fleet now totals 21 Damen tugs including these three ASD 3212 vessels. The 180-year-old towage and salvage company has more than 430 vessels in over 100 locations worldwide.

On the photo above from left to right:

Otilija Buch (Head of Procurement, Svitzer A/S), Esben Grundtvig (Head of Group Newbuilding, Svitzer A/S), Arnout Damen, (CCO, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem), Kristian Brauner (CTO, Svitzer A/S), Martijn Smit (Sales Manager North, West & South Europe, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem), Deniz True, (COO, Svitzer Europe), Dirk Degroote, (Manager Design & Proposal Tugs, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem), Chiel de Leeuw (Sales Manager North, West & South Europe, Damen Shipyards Gorinchem).


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