3 June 2015

The 46,052 GRT cruise ship Magellan has recently completed a five-week scheduled maintenance stopover at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. For two weeks, the 222-metre vessel was positioned in the yard’s 250-metre no.4 dry dock where the hull, rudders and propellers underwent a thorough inspection and cleaning, along with a range of other tasks.

Originally built for Carnival Cruise Lines in 1985 and named Holiday, Magellan is now part of the Global Maritime Group Inc. and has recently joined the fleet of the British operator Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV). She accommodates about 1250 guests in 726 cabins across nine passenger decks, and has a warm and friendly atmosphere that reflects a truly British cruise experience.

Appointed by the Global Maritime Group to undertake the docking, Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam conducted a wide range of maintenance and repair activities. These included removing the 16 lifeboats and taking them ashore for servicing, and the full range of standard docking tasks such as polishing the propellers, surveying the tail shaft, checking rudder clearances, and cleaning the sea chests, anodes and chain lockers. In addition, the eight air conditioning units were overhauled and the complete grey /black water vacuum system with its 700 toilets chemically cleaned. Various pipes were also renewed, including those serving the sea water pumps, ballast tank air vents and suction lines. The stabiliser fins were also serviced and the incinerator refurbished. Finally, significant steel repairs took place in the aft peak ballast tank, a considerable challenge given the limited time available, and the high elastic friction clutch e-motor was overhauled.

With a full cruise programme for the summer including a three day trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp departing London on 4 of June, timing was critical with no room for delay. Effective and precise project management was a key factor in the success of this project.

“Overall the project went smoothly due to close cooperation between the vessel’s management, the shipyard and, last but not least, a very cooperative crew,” commented Daniel Gerner, Project Manager at Damen Shiprepair & Conversion. “The time scale was very challenging given the scope of the work required, but the quality of our facilities and the expertise of our workforce ensured that everything was successfully completed on time.”

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam is particularly well adapted for the cruise liner sector, with all the required equipment, skills and expertise available on the site. It is also positioned 20 minutes from the airport, making logistics fast and efficient, and just two kilometres from the Amsterdam Cruise Terminal, making it ideal for vessels using it as a base or stopover.

For further information on this and other examples of Damen’s Cruise Vessel Services, please visit: http://cruise.damenshiprepair.com


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