19 June 2015

First hybrid tug in German waters

On 18 June, 2015, the Damen-built ART 80-32 Hybrid Rotortug RT Emotion was named in the Port of Bremerhaven during KOTUG’s annual Herring Party.

Ms. Annika Bootsman-Kleberg, Member of the Wallenius’ Board and granddaughter of Olof Wallenius, Swedish entrepreneur and founder of Wallenius Lines, performed the naming of RT Emotion in attendance of her family, friends, KOTUG’s business relations and representatives of Damen Shipyards Group. KOTUG chose the Lady Sponsor to express its gratitude for the long-term relationship between the two companies and to express appreciation for Wallenius Lines’ strong focus on innovative technical and environmental solutions.

KOTUG’s CEO Ard-Jan Kooren states: “We’re delighted that Annika Bootsman-Kleberg accepted our invitation to name our latest hybrid next-generation Rotortug RT Emotion. We appreciate the leadership of Wallenius Lines in reducing its environmental footprint and encouraging its suppliers, customers, business partners and stakeholders to reduce their environmental impact.”

KOTUG nowadays operates three hybrid Rotortugs. RT Emotion commenced her towage activities in the German Port of Bremerhaven recently and RT Adriaan and RT Evolution are operating in the Port of Rotterdam. RT Evolution and RT Emotion, both 32- metre hybrid next-generation ART80-32 Rotortugs® are new Damen-built tugs and designed by an alliance of Rotortug B.V. in the Netherlands and Robert Allan Ltd in Canada.

“Damen and KOTUG have worked together closely in the development of the ART80-32 Rotortugs®. We are proud of this collaboration which has resulted in significantly reduced emissions and fuel consumption as well as outstanding performance,” says Damen’s Chief Commercial Officer Arnout Damen.

Seen as a true advancement of hybrid technology and performance, the propulsion configuration draws on the proven design of KOTUG’s RT Adriaan – the world’s first hybrid Rotortug® built under class. The results of the E-KOTUG series are 50% less harmful emissions, significant noise reduction, cleaner combustion and substantial maintenance savings thanks to improved fuel economy. The Rotortug’s hybrid capacity is generated by three electric motors, complemented by a battery pack and managed by an intelligent XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System.

On the photo above from left to right: Ard-Jan Kooren (KOTUG), Annika Bootsman-Kleberg (Wallenius), Uwe Magnussen (KOTUG Germany).


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