30 March 2015

26m Damen Twin Axe catamaran for UK-based Severn Offshore Services

On Friday, March 27, the naming ceremony took place for Severn Offshore Services Ltd’s new multipurpose wind farm vessel Severn Provider at Damen Shipyards Gorinchem in the Netherlands. Following sea trials next week, the Damen FCS 2610 will be available for charter based out of Rotterdam.

Fast Crew Supplier Severn Provider

UK-based Severn Offshore Services owns and operates a growing fleet of offshore crew transfer vessels, mainly in the European offshore wind sector. The company selected Damen’s FCS 2610 thanks to its well-established track record, explains Director Ryan Hopkins.

“With this vessel, we can offer higher availability rates to our clients through its ability to operate 24 hours a day further offshore with less downtime caused by the weather. Working with Damen has been a really good experience and we’re planning to continue growing our fleet with Damen.”

Enhanced crew safety and personnel welfare

Severn Offshore Services puts a particularly strong focus on safety, Hopkins continues, so it was important that Damen could integrate key specifications into the design.

“The Severn Provider boasts a variety of new welfare features for technicians and passengers travelling on board,” Hopkins continues, “not to mention enhanced safety options available and a degree of flexibility to modify the vessel before it is delivered.”

Valuable customer input

The FCS 2610 can transfer up to 12 personnel, operating at speeds of up to 25 knots, even through a rough seaway, thanks to Damen’s unique Twin Axe hull design. Casper Vermeulen, Damen Sales Manager UK, notes that although the widely adopted FSC 2610 has proven itself on the market with more than 40 builds so far, the design continues to evolve.

“The valuable input into vessel specifications from clients like Severn Offshore Services is a key factor in ensuring the design continues meeting the demands of the rapidly developing offshore markets.”

The photo in the wheelhouse shows from right to left: Ryan Hopkins, Director Severn Offshore Services, Bethan Woods (his partner), in between their daughter Maggy Woods.


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