4 March 2015

Adding new capacity for the Fast Crew Supplier 5009

Following the takeover in 2013 of Cyrus, the shipyard in Antalya, Turkey, previously managed by Vitters, the renamed Damen Shipyards Antalya has refurbished a second shed for the production of the highly successful Damen Fast Crew Supplier 5009.

Since it reopened as a Damen shipyard, the Antalya facility has continued as a specialist in composite ship building, successfully making the transition from custom yacht building to the serial construction of high speed workboats up to 40 metres in length. Today Damen Antalya builds the FCS 1605, Stan Patrol 2205 and Interceptor 1102 models, and the Damen Water Bus.

Now the yard has opened a second, 12,000m2 facility - Antalya II - dedicated to the construction of Damen’s best-selling 50-metre FCS 5009. The hulls and superstructures are built in steel and aluminium by a nearby subcontractor, and the fitting out takes place in Antalya II. Four 5009s are now under construction and the facility will produce 6 to 8 finished vessels a year when fully operational.

The original Antalya I is also undergoing an upgrade in 2015, with 90% of the composite work moving to the vacuum infusion process. The final 10%, representing the most complex structures, will continue to be built using hand lamination techniques. This change is already delivering a more efficient production process and cost and time savings.

“Damen Shipyards Turkey is the group’s only facility on the Mediterranean,” said Damen Shipyards Antalya managing director Auke van de Zee, “and we are fortunate in having an experienced and highly skilled production team capable of delivering top quality vessels. Our selection as the yard to take on additional production of the FCS 5009 is testament to our efficiency and the quality of our people.” The yard currently employs around 125 staff with another 60 working offsite on the 5009 hulls and superstructures. The total number will grow as Antalya II reaches its full capacity.

Jaap Gelling, Damen’s Product Director High Speed Craft, added, “I am always impressed by the energy and enthusiasm at Damen Antalya. As our centre of excellence in composite shipbuilding it is an invaluable resource with a great depth of knowledge and experience, and the dedication to quality is second to none.”


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