21 January 2015

When a Belgium-based dredging company required two anchors of a type not commonly available, they knew where to turn. Theo Kloosterman, Manager of Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (AKF), takes up the story. “The client was looking for two High Holding Power NAF type anchors, for their dredging vessel. This is a comparable anchor to our AC-14 – which we keep in stock – but it’s wider and has shorter flukes. Actually, you don’t tend to see many NAF anchors at all.”

Damen AKF delivers two off stock bow anchors to Belgian dredger

In fact, AKF does not keep NAF type anchors as a stock item. However, being well positioned within the industry, AKF knew where to source such anchors and were able to deliver them tailored exactly to the client’s specific needs. Mr Kloosterman explains: “The swivel that was needed for this particular project was shorter, more compact than standard swivel forerunners.” The customer required AKF to deliver the anchors with a customised swivel mounted directly on the anchor stock.

Speaking of the successful completion of the job, Mr Kloosterman says, ”We were pleased to be able to serve our customers in their quest for this very specific type of anchor.”


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