15 December 2014

Applied innovative solutions on board Tridens

Workers at Maaskant Shipyards, part of Damen Shipyards Group, are proud to be involved in the largest refurbishment job in the history of the Stellendam-based shipyard. Their professional pride may be even greater, since they materialise the  project that involve the refit of research vessel Tridens (length 73 metre, width 14 metre) owned by governmental shipowner Rijksrederij. The most striking are in the assembly of the latest Simrad sonar and echo sounder within the drop keel and the drop keel itself, and an additional range of innovative applications

Those involved in the refurbishment project did not go on overnight. They went on board the research vessel Celtic Explorer that is deployed in Irish and international waters, researching fish population. The Dutch did this to determine the applications viable to apply on the Tridens, after which it was not just ‘copy and paste’ units to be applied. Quite some calculation has been done to determine the most favourable arrangement of the (sonar) transducers within the drop keel to track shoals effectively.

Drop Keel

Manufacturing and adjusting the trunk – a kind of elevator shaft, in which the drop keel is to be lowered three metres below ship – lasted 27 work days. After that the Simrad units and multibeam for the drop keel and the operator station have to be inserted. Rijksrederij workers has been closely involved in these works.

Maaskant Shipyards does its utmost the have the substantial job done before 2nd March, 2015. By then the research vessel will be equipped with a number of refurbished cabins for the crew, and all propulsion parts will beoverhauled. The shipyard goes into detail when mentioning the regular overhaul of the propeller hub, the OD-box, overhaul of the main engines, the steering apparatus, the stern gantry and winches. The stern mast, booms, a-frame and the corners of the stern of the vessel will be maintained again. A dedicated device has been developed for safely hauling of otter boards, as well. The stern gantry will be replaced completely.

After the midlife conversion, the Tridens is likely to be deployed for survey work, which will make the research vessel multifunctional.


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