12 December 2014

Second of 14 tugs on order for the client at Damen Shipyards Galati

On 30 October Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) CEO Mr Hashem Sayed Hashem attended the naming ceremony of the ASD 3212 tug vessel KOC Shahem at Damen Shipyards Galati. The KOC Shahem is the second in a series of 14 tugs that Damen is building for KOC. KOC will use the tugs to assist tankers at near shore loading terminals and at new single point moorings offshore. The two companies have a lasting relationship that spans over 25 years.

KOC awarded Damen the contract to design, construct and deliver the series of tugs in September 2012. Damen Shipyards Galati is constructing all the vessels. Accompanying Mr Hashem Sayed Hashem, KOC Deputy CEO (WK) Mr Hassan Ali Bunain, Manager of KOC’s Marine Operations Group Mr Fadhel Boresle and the Third Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Romania, Mr Salem Al Ajmi, attended the ceremony.

KOC will use the tugs to assist tankers at near shore loading terminals and at new single point moorings offshore

During a speech to mark the event, Mr Hashem Sayed Hashem expressed his satisfaction with the vessel’s performance during sea trials and said he was confident she would perform similarly during service. He attributed the successful completion of KOC Shahem to the excellent cooperation, understanding, support and coordination between the teams of KOC and Damen Shipyards.

“We believe without exception that all tasks undertaken by both parties involved were completed with outstanding dedication, professionalism and commitment.”

Welcoming the guests, Damen CEO René Berkvens, stressed the value of the long-term relationship with KOC.

“The cooperation between KOC and Damen dates back a quarter of a century, when Damen delivered several fast crew vessels and the large FiFi and terminal tug, Sabahi, to KOC. Today, we are extremely proud – once more – in having another magnificent project together.”

The substantial contract covers two vessel types, nine of Damen’s new, successful ASD 3212 vessels with a bollard pull of 80 tonnes and 5 of the well known ASD 2810 design, with a 50 tonnes bollard pull. Whilst the vessels are based on proven designs, Damen is extensively tailoring them to meet KOC’s requirements.


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