19 December 2014

See what we do with customer feedback!

The Client Survey provided us with valuable feedback from our customers in 2014. The main issues are: stay close to all your customers and keep involving them, work on your after-sales services and have a worldwide support network in place. Customers also mentioned that they would like to source product items locally, rather than procure everything from Holland. Finally, there is room for improvement with our trials & commissioning. We would like to inform you about the actions we have undertaken thus far.

Customer Relation

We are staying close to our customers by investing in our sales force, so we can continue to work on our relationship. The Client Survey is another example active customer involvement.

Service Hubs

We have already opened four Service Hubs in Brisbane, Sharjah, Cape Town and Curacao. In addition, we are implementing hubs in Nigeria and Venezuela as well as expanding our hub in Curacao. Finally, we are investigating the possibilities for Canada, Brazil and Eastern Africa. Besides this we are 24/7 available by phone and 24/7 services will be launched in the first half of 2015. This means 24/7 off-site technical assistance.

Proximity Policy

As for our sourcing, we have implemented a Proximity Policy, where we try to purchase more goods near the production yards. This policy will secure a balance between costs, quality and flexibility, in order to deliver our customers a sustainable, high-quality product.

Trials & commissioning

We have implemented a new check list for our trials & commissioning activities in order to further decrease the number of residual items and improve the handover to our Services department by project management.

We will continue to improve our products and services and we would like to ask our customers to remain critical and keep sharing their opinion with us.

More about the Client Survey: www.damen.com/en/about/client-survey


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