7 April 2014

Damen Shipyards Group and Delft University of Technology are never too tired to design and apply the latest in the field of shipbuilding, in this case the new prototype (search and rescue) SAR 1906 lifeboat, built for the Royal Dutch rescue organisation KNRM. De Vries Naval Architects contributed to the newbuilding as well. Lady Sponsor Queen Maxima admired the innovative ‘Nh1816’ at its homeport IJmuiden, after she named the vessel on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Shipbuilder, naval architect, knowledge centre and Royal Dutch rescue organisation all joined forces when developing the design for the first of the new generation of self-righting lifeboats. The Nh1816 (length 19.30 metres, width 6.54 metres, depth 1.10 metres) and its successors are to replace the ten lifeboats of the current ‘Arie Visser’ Class.

Damen design & proposal engineer John Nieboer adds that the Nh1816 has an aluminium hull and a FRP flexible composite lightweight top construction, thus providing pleasant working conditions in a soundproof wheelhouse. The lifeboat’s bow shape allows smooth navigation, even in rough seas and stormy weathers.

The Nh1816 is equipped with two Hamilton 571 water jets, propelled by two MTU 8V2000M84l, 1790kW (2400 bhp) engines in separate watertight engine rooms, allowing a maximum speed of 31 knots. When possible, the crew of six can relax in the fully equipped technical room in the front of the vessel.

The lifeboat’s radius of action is 185 nautical miles off the Dutch coast and a total of 348 nautical miles. It can take in 120 passengers if need be.
Videos & photos of the ceremony can be viewed and downloaded here:


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