1 July 2013

Damen Shipyards Group has been contracted for a STu 1205 and a STu 1606 for Solent Towage at the UK’s Seawork International exhibition. The vessels will be delivered by 1 October 2013 and deployed on work for Exxon at the Fawley Oil Refinery, on Southampton Water.

Nick Jeffery, General Manager of Solent Towage comments: “We’ve chosen Damen based on past experience. The advantage of working with Damen is the delivery time – not just the price. Delivery from Damen is a lot quicker than elsewhere.”

Solent Towage has owned a Damen vessel for 18 years, which has clocked up 36,000 engine hours. Among its fleet of seven vessels, it’s the favourite among the crew, so Damen was the obvious choice for expansion. Solent Towage operates Escort Tugs from the Fawley Oil Terminal escorting and towing tankers inward and outward bound to the terminal.

Mr Jeffrey and the Technical Manager of parent company Ostensjo Rederi attended a Damen Experience Sailing Day in Gorinchem (the Netherlands) earlier this year and saw a selection of stock vessels on display from which the 1205 and 1606 were selected.

Arjen van Elk, Sales Manager North, West and South Europe, commented: “We’ve been in discussion with Solent Towage for about a year but finalised the contracts on the night of Tuesday 26 June for signing on Wednesday at Seawork.”

The vessels will be modified with 5m air draft to cope with working under jetties and will also feature rope guards to protect the vessel and selected electronics. Both vessels will be painted in Solent Towage corporate colours. The quick delivery of the vessels, facilitated by Damen Shipyards’ availability of stock vessels, combined with their reputation for sturdiness, quality of build and reliability, all contributed to the sale.

On the photo above from left to right: Nick Jeffrey, General Manager of Solent Towage and Arjen van Elk, Sales Manager North, West and South Europe, Damen Shipyards.


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