5 April 2013

The Veerdienst Gorinchem (Gorinchem Ferry Service) and Damen Shipyards Group have showed that a public-private partnership can result in a customised project. “What started as a mooring pontoon with a small gas oil tank for the ferry service has expanded into a complete bunker station”, says Jeroen van Woerkum, Sales Manager Benelux. The work involved designing, building and installing a modular pontoon, jetty, together with supplementary activities for the bunker station along Buiten de Waterpoort in Gorinchem.

That location now provides storage for 15,000 litres of gas oil, divided between two tanks. Two tanks were also installed to supply boats with lubricating oil and to collect waste lubricating oil. The bunker station has two ballast tanks on the side to achieve the correct draft and trim. The two KIWA certified tank for storing gas oil are located centrally. The lubricating oil tank and the waste lubricating oil tank with a capacity of 1,500 litres are also located in this hold.

This space and the two tanks are provided with de-aeration and aeration facilities that discharge into the two lampposts on deck.

The delivery system that supplies gas oil and collects lubricating oil is mounted on deck. “Thanks to a fixed quayside connection, the system is continuously supplied with voltage. The electrical system is entirely flameproof with flameproof components and cables. Furthermore, we have fitted a remote control automatic boarding ramp, so that passengers can board and disembark safely”, explains Stefhan van Esch of Damen Services Special Projects.

Johan Hania, the director of harbours and markets for the Municipality of Gorinchem, is pleased with the work and the collaboration with Damen. “We first decided internally exactly what we wanted, apart from a mooring pontoon. We then invited a number of contractors to submit a tender. Damen emerged as the best when it came to price and reliability. We have known Damen for quite some time; they built two vessels for us at their yard.”

The Damen Services Special Projects department not only helped the municipal ferry service with the design, construction and fitting, but also with the procedure required to comply with the inland navigation regulations. The bunker station has now been approved by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and will be ready for use in late April.


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