Environmental Safety & Control

Damen works with harbour authorities, vessel owners and operators to provide the products they need to safeguard the environment. We have a wide range of versatile vessels on offer – covering fire-fighting, pollution control, patrol activities and research duties. We are also experienced in Ballast Water System design and installation; on board vessels as well as port-based mobile systems.

Ballast Water Treatment

damen mobile bwts invasave (preview)


InvaSave is a port-based ballast water management system ideal for older vessels and vessels with minimal annual water discharges.

bwt system loflo (preview)


LoFlo is a compact treatment system specifically designed for the inactivation and elimination of organisms contained in ballast water, in order to comply with the IMO D-2 standards.

bwt system balcon (preview)


This containerised system is a fully automatic treatment system with a type-approved BWT system. This solution is plug & play and suitable for onboard Ballast Water Treatment.

SOx Scrubbing

sox scrubber (preview)

SOx Scrubbing

Exhaust SOx scrubbing: at Damen you will find one-stop-shop solutions for the retrofit market.

Damen Air Cavity System

dacs ropax and inland ships (preview)

Damen Air Cavity System

Lowering the ship’s resistance in order to reduce both fuel and energy consumption and emissions.

Emergency Response

The Damen Multi Purpose Vessels are designed to execute a great extent of specific tasks which may include coast guard duties, fishery control, fire fighting, rescue, oil recovery, salvage, wind farm maintenance


Multi Purpose Vessels are designed to execute a wide variety of specific tasks which may include coast guard duties, fishery control, fire-fighting, rescue, oil recovery, salvage and wind farm maintenance.

damen osrv 1050 side view

Oil Spill Response Vessels

Damen’s dedicated Oil Spill Response Vessels are designed to provide immediate assistance to major oil recovery operations.

damen pollution control vessel

Pollution Control Vessels

Damen has valuable experience in designing and building various types and sizes of pollution control vessels, including the “M/V Arca”.

damen utility vessel 2510 standard

Utility Vessels

The versatile Utility Vessels can be easily configured to support a wide variety of offshore and nearshore operations.


Offshore vessels with a dedicated design for the support of seismic research services

Seismic Research Support Vessels

Damen has developed proven designs for dedicated seismic research support.

Search & Rescue

The enormous experience of KNRM and top hydrodynamic research from Delft University were used in the development of this design

Search & Rescue

The award-winning SAR 1906 is a revolutionary new Search & Rescue vessel developed with KNRM, Delft University of Technology, TNO, MARIN and De Vries Lentsch.

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