Customer choice

Whether a full or partial material package, DTC tailors the service to the customer’s needs. We can also take care of shipment, delivery and customs to even the most remote location.

Flexible delivery

We can deliver the steel as a raw material or as a pre-fabricated construction kit. The same goes for piping: whether in commercial lengths or pipe spools, we deliver the material package to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

Purchasing power

With more than 30 ship and repair yards worldwide, the Damen Shipyards Group has considerable purchasing power. That means we have lower costs for components and materials – savings that we pass directly to our customers.

Steel can be delivered as a raw material package or a cut and bent

What are the advantages of DTC’s Material Packages?

  • Scope and delivery of materials fully tailored to client needs
  • Client support throughout – a dedicated project manager from start-up to delivery of the project
  • Large stock of standardised, high quality components means short delivery times
  • Dependable logistics resulting in delay-free production
  • Manuals and documentation in accordance with end users’ requirements
  • Delivery of components adjusted to yard preferences and building strategy
  • Parts are supplied in Damen containers, which can be used as temporary stores during the construction period
  • Long-lasting relationships with the world’s most respected suppliers
  • Worldwide after-sales support through Damen Services


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