Tailored to our clients’ needs

DTC provides a complete range of building assistance – from construction to management – all elements guaranteeing a safe and efficient production process. A dedicated site manager can oversee the project’s progress. We also offer training programmes – providing valuable transfer of skills to the local workforce.

Project preparation

DTC can assist clients with commissioning and sea trials

In preparation for the build process, DTC can perform feasibility studies that look into shipyard layout and possible upgrades as well as workforce analysis.

Sea trials and commissioning

With construction complete, DTC and their highly experienced crew can help with commissioning and sea trials. After all, they know these vessels inside and out.

What are the advantages of Building Assistance?

  • Fully flexible level of cooperation depending on the client’s wishes and requirements
  • Production support for the duration of the project
  • Transfer of top-class shipbuilding expertise through training of shipyard personnel
  • The building yard increases competitive strength while stimulating local employment and economy
  • DTC can handle all communication with classification society and relevant governmental bodies


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