Concepts & Consultancy

Damen owns and operates over 32 shipyards worldwide and has excellent know-how based on more than 40 years of top-class shipbuilding and ship repair. Damen Civil has gained unrivalled expertise in the development, design, construction and rehabilitation of shipyard facilities. We provide a broad range of consultancy services and have experience with many shipyard and drydocking concepts.

A tailor-made concept for every yard:

  • Floating drydocks
  • Graving drydocks
  • Marine travel lifts
  • Slipways
  • Ship-lifts
  • Transfer areas
  • Outfitting quays
  • Jetty/finger piers
  • Production and repair halls
  • Warehousing and workshops
  • Sheds and storage
  • Offices and training centres

An expert for every specialist task:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Budget estimates and project scheduling
  • Process flow control and optimisation logistics
  • Contract and tender management
  • Project and construction management
  • HSEQ management and services
  • Assessments and site visits
  • Topographical and bathymetrical surveys
  • Geotechnical and morphological investigations
  • Functional requirements and conceptual design
  • Basic design and detailed engineering
  • Training local staff, crew and labour

With our years of experience extended knowledge and our proven concepts we have our customers a lot to offer.

Damen Civil offers a shipyard project from an advisory role to the delivery of a full turnkey project.
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Damen Civil supplies all kind of materials, equipment and tools to the construction industry and for shipbuilding & repair

Damen Civil supplies all kinds of materials, equipment and tools to the construction industry and for shipbuilding & repair.
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Our approach

When requested to develop a shipyard concept or provide consultancy services, our first step is always a discussion with the client. That way, your ambitions and goals form the basis of our cooperation.

Our services can match your requirements whatever they may be – we cover everything from the provision of advice right through to extensive research programmes. An initial investigation will ensure that all your circumstances are taken into consideration so that we can provide a solution tailored exactly to your needs – and your budget.

This will include a site visit and, if required, we will undertake a survey that will ascertain all technical, economic and other conditions that will influence the design choices. Following the conceptual design phase, soil analysis as well as bathymetrical and topographical surveys will be undertaken to facilitate the collection of data required to create a basic design.

We can supply a range of conceptual images and animations so that you are able to clearly visualise the end result. With the years of experience Damen has in operating newbuild and repair facilities all over the world, we are able to deliver to our customers sustainable and reliable solutions that will improve the competitiveness of their yards.

Our approach also aims to increase local employment opportunities wherever we operate in the world. Therefore, we provide the necessary training – either at a Damen location or the client’s yard – to enable their local workforce to carry out the realisation of our solutions.




Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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