19 July 2019

Ten years ago, Vroon Offshore Services (VOS), one of the leaders in its field, took delivery of two 71-metre platform supply vessels (PSVs)VOS Base and her sister ship, Pool Express, both designed and built by Damen. To mark the tenth anniversary, Damen interviewed Niek Spiljard, Managing Director of VOS Den Helder, to find out what the vessels have been up to and how they have performed over the past decade.

“Neither vessel has strayed far from home,” says Niek Spiljard. “They were built as part of a tender for Peterson’s Southern North Sea (SNS) logistics programme. The contract was for initial five-year charters, serving smaller platforms as part of an SNS Pool. Designed and built for maximum efficiency and equipped with the latest systems, including diesel-electric propulsion, VOS Base and Pool Express were very much state-of-the art-vessels at that time. During the first four months of their contract, we had to prove that they were as efficient as we had promised, before they were accepted into the SNS Pool. It was a challenge, but they passed the test with flying colours!”

Since then, both vessels have been working from the VOS Base at Den Helder as part of the Peterson Pool, undertaking assignments for the oil majors.

“It has been a great success,” continues Niek, “working well for all parties. The two PSVs are excellent vessels, much appreciated by our clients for their very efficient and effective service delivery. Our Vroon colleagues enjoy working on them, with many having served on board since delivery back in 2008”.

In the ten years since VOS Base and Pool Express started their careers, the business environment in the North Sea has changed dramatically. Oil prices fell through the floor and competition between offshore-service providers became cutthroat, with day rates in free-fall for a number of years.

“Yet they have continued to be in demand,” says Niek Spiljard, “and their contracts with Peterson have consistently been renewed. We often welcome client representatives on board and there is no doubt they are impressed by what they see. Our PSVs exude quality and look as good as many ships half their age. Neither vessel has required any major refits and they are certainly good for 25 years, if not more!”

“The trend today is for larger PSVs. Although VOS Base and Pool Express were regarded as medium to large PSVs when delivered, they now fall into the medium to small category, but we plan to continue operating them in the Southern North Sea”.

“In summary, the combination of vessels and crews has been very successful. VOS Base and Pool Express are reliable PSVs. Together they perform an excellent job for the SNS Pool and support us in our Leaders-in-Safety journey. They are a credit to Damen! All at Vroon are very proud of their achievements over the years and look forward to continuing the successful cooperation with the SNS Pool in the years to come.”


Platform Supply Vessel
VOS Base at Den Helder

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