7 June 2019

Kasia Romantowska is the managing director at Damen Engineering Gdansk (DEGd). A graduate as Naval Architect and on top of it MBA, she has been there for four years following fourteen years at Ulstein and is in charge of a team of an expanding team that currently numbers 115. DEGd’s role involves undertaking the basic engineering for engineer-to-order (ETO) vessels that Damen builds mainly in Romania. This complex and demanding role places DEGd at the heart of Damen’s shipbuilding business and involves it in the creation of every new vessel type and model, whatever its function.

"Damen is a wonderful company," says Kasia.

“First of all, it is full of vital energy and a lot of possibilities. The senior management really want to develop and grow the business. Everyone is very ambitious. To succeed here you have to be prepared to be flexible and be ready for change. You also must be prepared to rely on the people around you. Working at Damen is very much a team effort, you cannot succeed on your own. As a manager you must empower people around you. It is quite traditional in some ways, but on the other hand you have everything available to succeed together. It’s all about cooperation and managing diverse groups of stakeholders on each project. It can be very complex.”

When asked about recent developments at DEGd, she says, “At DEGd, everything accelerated dramatically in 2018 due to demand and the prospect of building bigger ships. This will take us to a new level of complexity and scale, and will result in much more International cooperation. Part of this will involve setting up a detailed engineering branch at Damen Shipyards Mangalia for the big ships. As a result, each and every communication channel we have is now a hotline. Traditional email is just too slow so we have moved to using a range of messaging and video apps. Conventional reporting up the management line has been replaced with networking where everyone interacts with each other in real time on a project, ensuring a free flow of information. This is crucial with big projects. It’s a high energy environment and it’s very exciting!”.


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