4 June 2018

Damen’s range of modular vessels is unrivalled in the industry and is a reflection of the ingenuity that its designers and engineers bring to bear when confronted with the challenges of its customers. Modular vessels are generally seen as the answer to the question,

"how can I get a working vessel to a remote inland location using just road or rail transport?"

Yet they also have another significant advantage: they can be dismantled when one role is completed and reconfigured for another that may be very different. This is vessel-conversion in a whole new and very cost-effective way.

“Indeed, with modular construction, the possibilities are endless and that is why we have developed the Damen Modular Barge Configurator”, says Roy van Oosterom, responsible for Damen’s modular constructions. “It’s an online tool that has distinct similarities to a Lego instruction manual, but on a much larger scale. The Configurator not only allows the user to view all the standard options available for modular workboats, ferries and pontoons, it takes him or her to the next stage of selecting preferred options and then assembling them on-screen in 3D using a simple drag-and-drop field.”

The vessel comes to life in front of the user’s eyes, starting with the selection of the container-sized Damen Modular Barge (DMB) units required to define the size and shape of the future vessel and then moving on to the layout of machinery, deck equipment, wheelhouses and accommodation units as desired. Finally, at the click of the mouse, Damen will convert your design into a quotation.

damen modular barge system configuration

The Configurator not only allows customers to experiment with vessel configurations so as to get the right balance of capability versus budget, it also speeds up the process for all involved as the time needed to create the desired design is greatly reduced. If they are content to use the standard components shown in the Configurator, they can be confident of a very rapid delivery. In addition, customer-specific refinements can easily be added once the basic design is established. Whatever the design, all the DMBs are connected to each other using Damen’s Class-approved Link System to create a rigid and durable substrate.

In Damen’s experience the most popular modular product types are barges, ferriesjetties and Multi Cats for use on lakes and rivers. These environments of course vary enormously in size and attributes and no-one knows them better than the people and organisations that make their living on them. Damen’s Modular Barge Configurator gives them the opportunity to explore, in their time and at their own pace, the many options that are opened up to them by considering a modular vessel.

damen modular multi cat
modular pontoon
damen modular ferry
damen modular pontoon

To find out more and to access the Configurator, go to www.damenmodularbarges.com and see the vessel that you’ve always wanted become a reality right in front of you.


Damen Modular Barge Configurator
Damen Modular Barges
Modular Ferry
Modular Jetty
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