9 April 2015

Non-executive member of the one-tier board and sales trainee for the Americas

30 years old and lives with Bob
Location: Damen Shipyards Gorinchem
Future: starts in Q3 2015 in a Sales and Marketing Position at Amels in Vlissingen.
Vessel of choice: Stan Patrol 5009

“Damen and shipbuilding are in my DNA, and since 2008 I have been closely involved with the company as a non-executive board member; nonetheless this background has only made me keen to learn more. To this end, I have worked with Sander van Oord (Sales Director Americas, ed.) since October; the sales department is the perfect environment for gaining more knowledge about every aspect of the company.

In Q3 I will be moving on to join Amels. The builder of superyachts is a special company within the Damen group, as it is the only consumer-focused business. For me, however, it is the ideal place to start: it has a compact structure that enables me to sample each area of the business, from procurement and engineering to sales. This means the opportunity to be at the heart of it all, rather than witnessing this process from a distance.

My previous career reflects a period of ‘following my own path’ that culminated with earning an MBA at INSEAD. I lived and worked in five different countries but more and more I felt the pull of returning to my roots, something encouraged by my time as a non-executive board member of Damen. I gained extensive investment experience in London, equipping me with a wide spectrum of skill sets that I now bring to Damen. While these skills may differ from the education and shipbuilding experience of my father and brother, they also provide a valuable new viewpoint and – as my experience within Damen grows – ultimately quite a complementary one.

It is tremendously exciting for me to now focus fulltime on Damen. As a teenager I used to work here during the holidays in the maintenance and repro departments, where I did everything from replacing the fluorescent lighting to repairing toilets to printing off blueprints. Many of my colleagues from back then still work at Damen today and I value that continuity. The culture within Damen is special and remarkably important to me: I recognise how, especially now that the company has grown so much, we must maintain our entrepreneurial culture. I value everyone’s efforts, enthusiasms, and pursuits of quality.”


Damen Shipyards Gorinchem
Stan Patrol 5009
Work at Damen



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