Damen is renowned for its standardised shipbuilding concept. Fast deliveries, competitive pricing, tried and tested technologies and assured performance are just a few of the advantages associated with this strategy. The implications go further though; the unique philosophy of standardised shipbuilding in series delivers a unique approach to R&D. As a result, Damen has developed an extensive R&D programme, itself proven over many years. Coupled with a listening ear towards the client, the advantages of standardisation from a research perspective include:

  • Successive research into sequential generations of vessels in-series
  • Extreme relevancy for research findings with subsequent implication for series development
  • An opportunity to turn clients’ feedback into tangible development on same or similar vessel types
  • A platform for collaboration with leading research institutes seeking a consistent proving ground for the demonstration of scientific theory
  • Constant variables on which to conduct research on a wide range of factors, including hydromechanics, structures & materials, mechanics & systems, electrics & automation, noise & vibration and industrial design & human factors
  • Continual evolution of the product portfolio
  • An unparalleled data set of model and full-scale measurements and other information.
  • Throughout our many years of operation we have collected data measurements from the more than 6,000 vessels we have built. Since we started, collection methods have improved considerably. Today, we are able to gather all the details required from our series production to facilitate the continual improvement of our designs required by our ever-changing industry.

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    At Damen we have our own Research and Development teams that are dedicated to innovative projects

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    Damen believes innovation is the key to success and one way of staying ahead of the game.

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    To stay at the top, you need to innovate. And to develop and implement those ideas, you need to work together.

    To be at the top, you need to innovate

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    Damen believes innovation is the key to success and one way of staying ahead of the game.

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