With project partners Smit Internationale NV and Alewijnse Marine Technology, we have been working very hard over the past few years developing a super-efficient hybrid tug. The development method is unique and has resulted in a hybrid propulsion system that considerably reduces CO2 emissions.

A global issue

The E3 Tug project coincides with the Port of Rotterdam’s aim to significantly reduce air pollution around the port and surroundings. This project is a direct response to this goal. Port cities all over the world need cleaner and quieter tugs.

The right balance

Damen developed the hybrid propulsion system for the Damen ASD Tug 2810

Our first step was to develop a hybrid propulsion system for the Damen ASD Tug 2810, of which Smit Internationale operates in the Port of Rotterdam. The major consideration was an analysis of the vessel’s operational profile to determine the optimal combination between the diesel and electric propulsion. Production commenced after presenting our findings to the customer.

Spectacular CO2 reductions

Traditional port tugs have diesel engines with large capacities to provide a large amount of power when needed. However, when idle, these engines are an extra burden on the environment. Our analysis showed that switching between diesel (for power) and electric (for efficiency) significantly reduces fuel use. The environmental advantages of the E3 Tug project are considerable – with a tailor-made hybrid propulsion system, spectacular cuts in CO2 emissions are possible.

Hybrid ready

To get the best hybrid configuration for individual ports, Damen has developed a unique model together with the Imares Institute (part of the University of Wageningen). As the market readies itself for hybrid propulsion, production costs will decrease. Moreover, developments in battery technology are also advancing quickly. Our customers, the environment and Damen will all benefit from this development.


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