To develop great innovations, you need to have inspiring partners. Damen and Delft University of Technology have a such a partnership. The university is a reliable partner with considerable know-how, insight and young, enthusiastic scientists who represent the future. Together we continue to push the boundaries of technology with our shared scientific curiosity.

Great innovations from perfect partners

The design philosophy behind the Enlarged Ship Concept was taken even further with the introduction of the Axe Bow Concept

With Delft University of Technology, we have created an exclusive fund to develop products and solutions. Our cooperation is proving to be very rewarding, having led to truly pioneering designs such as the Enlarged Ship Concept and the Sea Axe design.

A percentage of the profits made from these innovations are immediately reinvested back into this research fund.

The Enlarged Ship Concept

Since the eighties, Damen and Delft University of Technology have cooperated in a research programme aimed at improving the seakeeping characteristics of high-speed vessels. How can a ship maintain high speeds in strong winds and heavy seas? This was the question that builders of patrol and supply vessels had been working on for decades. We found the answer in the Enlarged Ship Concept – on which the highly successful Stan Patrol 4207 and 4708 are based.

The Sea Axe

The Enlarged Ship Concept was just the starting point. At the beginning of the 21st century we took the design philosophy behind it even further together with Delft University of Technology, MARIN and the US Coast Guard. The result was the Axe Bow Concept – a revolutionary hull shape with unparalleled seakeeping characteristics. You can see this solution today on our renowned Sea Axe Patrol Vessels and Fast Crew Suppliers.

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