Our R&D teams are dedicated to specific projects – that’s how we’re able to offer our customers the best solutions. By utilising the most up-to-date technologies, we create new designs as well as improve our existing products.

Valuable feedback

At Damen we see customer feedback as one the most important sources of information to develop and improve our products. If a problem arises, we act immediately to solve it – sending our own specialists or cooperating with our customers and co-makers to make it better. These collaborative relationships often lead to new and innovative ideas and solutions. We not only work together to improve the products they bought, we also work together to adjust our products to fit new and changing demands.

All newly built and overhauled vessels can undergo an intense period of commissioning, testing and trials prior to delivery

Internal research and development

We have two kinds of R&D teams. Every product group has its own Development team and we also have a company-wide Damen Research team. These teams share their knowledge because innovative solutions can be applied to more than one industry niche.

Creating products and solutions

As we operate in niche markets, we also invest in innovative, ‘out-of-the-box’ products and solutions – developing specialised products for dedicated activities. Our activities in the offshore wind market demonstrate this: Our range of vessels and solutions are dedicated products to perform specific tasks safely and effectively.


Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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