27 July 2021

Damen Naval has purchased a new metal cutting machine from Messer Cutting Systems GmbH. This is a state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machine characterised by its powerful and accurate performance. Moreover, the machine can execute plasma or oxyfuel cutting and is suitable for all carbon steel varieties, stainless steel as well as aluminium, thus providing Damen Naval with a versatile cutting tool.

singing the contract to dny (1)

The purchase marks a crucial continuation in Damen Naval’s long-term plans for investment in new equipment. “With the most up-to-date equipment at our disposal, we are in the position to deliver our clients precision engineered and manufactured ships for diverse defence markets from our shipbuilding facilities in the Netherlands,” says Tijs Buijs, Damen Naval operations director.

The machine will be installed over the summer months and will be operational by the beginning of September. Training was also an important part of the contract; Damen Naval personnel will be travelling to Messer Cutting Systems in Germany for this and after will receive ongoing ‘on the job’ training in Vlissingen.

On the top photo:
Multitherm production hall at Messer Cutting Systems GmbH, where the new cutting machine of Damen Naval is being assembled

On the contract signing photo:
Tijs Buijs, Operations Director Damen Naval


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