15 June 2021

In May 2021 Damen Naval Germany (DNG) became a member of the VSM (Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik e.V.), the association of the German shipbuilding and marine technology). Damen Naval Germany, based in Hamburg, is a subsidiary of the Dutch naval shipbuilder Damen Naval.

By becoming a member of the VSM, DNG intends to strengthen its ties with German shipbuilders and German maritime companies. Damen Naval is currently working on the F126 project, which will involve German shipyards in Wolgast, Kiel and Hamburg. Also, many German companies will be part of the project as suppliers. The Managing Director of DNG, Mr. Magiel Venema, says, “Membership of VSM is an important step towards our becoming an integral part of the maritime network of Germany, in order to strengthen our ties to existing and new partners.”

Dr. Reinhard Lüken, president of the VSM, states, "By being awarded the contract for the four F126 frigates for the German Navy, Damen has become a major player in the German naval shipbuilding sector, well beyond this decade. Damen has pledged, that over 70% of the value added will remain in Germany, so many other VSM members will be involved as well. DNG will therefore play an important role as a link between Germany and the headquarters in Gorinchem and Vlissingen. We are therefore very pleased that DNG is underpinning its commitment to Germany with its membership of the VSM. Welcome to the VSM!”

Founded in 1884, the VSM directly and indirectly represents more than 750 industrial companies and organisations, from specialised universities, research institutions and other service providers to manufacturers of materials, components and systems to shipyards and system integrators.

On the top photo:
The head office of VSM in Hamburg


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