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Damen Marine Components

Damen Marine Components

Damen Marine Components is specialised in the design and production of propeller nozzles, special towing winches and rudder installations. For all types of vessels there are special designs available or can be developed. Every year more than 800 nozzles are delivered for all requested propeller diameters. Each nozzle has the highest technical standards and can be delivered to comply with the regulations of all classification societies. Rudders can be chosen from the standard line but can still be offered and produced to fulfil any specific requirements.

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Damen Shipyards Den Helder

Damen Shipyards Den Helder

Damen Shipyards Den Helder is located in the north of the Dutch mainland, servicing Holland’s main offshore port and naval base. Damen Shipyards Den Helder started out as a small business in shiprepair in 1923 and seventy years later we joined the Damen Shipyards Group. Now we are focused on repair and maintenance for the offshore, dredging, fishing and towage market although we do handle the occasional newly built vessel. The shipyard has two locations: one yard is located in Den Helder and the other in Oudeschild, a small port town on the island of Texel.

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