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Black Sea Defense and Aerospace 2016, the 6th edition of the event, is being held 18-20 May at ROMAERO in Bucharest, Romania. The event is dedicated to defence, aerospace, homeland security, cyber security and safety and security.

The fifth edition, held in 2014, was opened by the Romanian Defence Minister, Mircea Dusa, along with the representatives of several, relevant Romanian Governmental ministeries.

Attendance of the Black Sea Defense and Aerospace event is reserved for those over the age of 16 with an active involvement in the defence, aerospace and security industries. This includes governments, industry and the media.

Amongst the naval topics covered at the exhibition will be Naval & Coast Guard vessels Command & control systems, Naval weapons systems, Navigation, sonar & radar systems, Personal rescue & survival systems, Port infrastructure services & systems and Simulation & training systems.

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Jiont Support Schip Karel Doornman

JSS “Karel Doornman”

The Joint Support Ship is a robust multifunctional platform for maritime support, strategic sealift and sea-based missions. With a length of 204.7 metres, the Karel Doorman is the biggest ship in the Dutch navy.

RHIB 1050

RHIB 1050

Damen RHIBs are ideal for high-speed military and emergency operations in all waters where speed and extreme manoeuvrability are crucial.

Sigma Frigate 9813

Sigma Frigate 9813

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) is renowned for its successful series of SIGMA Naval Combatants. SIGMA vessels can accommodate specific customer platform and combat system requirements.

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