From 18 August 2015 until 21 August 2015

The Damen crew welcomes you!

From 18 – 20 August 2015, Damen will be exhibiting at Aqua Nor 2015. We look forward to meeting you in Trondheim to discuss our latest developments and products in aquaculture. Visit us at our booth# A-017 and meet up with our Sales - and Product Managers.

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Damen Products

An assistant platform for supply duties and firefighting in all waters.

Platform Supply Vessel

The Damen Platform Supply Vessel is a highly efficient, large-capacity ship, especially suited for transport of crew and supplies to and from offshore structures.

damen utility vessel 2510 standard

Utility Vessels

The versatile Utility Vessels can be easily configured to support a wide variety of offshore and nearshore operations.

The Damen Shoalbusters are versatile, multi-purpose vessels for harbour, inland and coastal waters.


Damen Shoalbusters are fit for operations in inland, coastal and harbour waters.

Inspection vessel for surveying, buoy-laying, anchor handling and garbage collection on inland waters.

Inspection Vessel

This Inspection Vessel can also perform surveying, buoy-laying, anchor handling and garbage collection duties.

Especially designed to work in shallow as well as deeper water

Multi Cats

Our Multi Cat Series is a complete range of multi-purpose workboats built from up-to-date designs with high quality standardised components.

Damen has developed a unique InvaSave Mobile Ballast Water Discharge Technology


InvaSave is a port-based ballast water management system ideal for old vessels and vessels with minimal annual water discharges.

damen azimuth stern drive tug 3212 (preview)

Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Damen’s ASD Tugs combine power and manoeuvrability with a safe onboard working environment. Together, tug and crew form an excellent team.

ATD Tugboat 2412 Twin Fin for harbours, locks and coastal areas.

Azimuth Tractor Drive Tugs

With Rolls-Royce twin rudder propellers our wide range of ATD Tugs demonstrates excellent manoeuvrability, high indirect towing forces and great stability.

The Rotor Tug and its crew make an excellent combination, with a working environment that has been designed for maximum safety for all onboard.

Rotor Tug

Damen uses Robert Allan design with a patented propulsion configuration to produce the Advanced RotorTug® (ART).

Damen Pushy Cat 1305

Pushy Cats

With clean designs and proven propulsion systems, our Pushy Cat series offers superior manoeuvrability.

Damen Stan Tug 2608

Stan Tugs

Damen’s Stan Tugs are multi-functional, standardised vessels that can be customised to meet our customers’ exact specifications.


Stan Pontoons

Damen Stan Pontoons are the perfect solution for extra floating storage and work space. We have various size, propulsion and mooring options to match your needs.

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