Yard consultancy

The yard consultancy starts with a yard survey where the internal processes, the yard facilities and the organization are analyzed. Further, and based on the project portfolio and the strategic planning from the yard, Damen can advice on the following aspects:

  • Yard upgrades Assistance to decide on and execute investments to increase the yard capacities, improve processes, restructure the internal organization
  • Construction training Training personnel in many different aspects of the shipbuilding process, like welding, project management, pipe fitting, etc.
  • HSEQ advisory HSEQ is a subject on top of the agenda, but can be challenging to implement effectively, in the different yards Damen has gathered a lot of experience and has developed working methods and systems that can aid in this area using those tools.

Based on the analysis and the specific needs of the client, a custom package will be established.


OPV 2400 Vietnam

For a yard looking to build a series of Offshore Patrol Vessels, Damen performed a yard assessment and executed a gap analysis highlighting the aspects that needed to be developed:

  • Building strategy defined in cooperation with the building yard and the future upgrade.
  • Definition of the equipment needed to increase the building capacity.
  • Simulation of the hours required based on the new yard situation.
  • Proposal of a project organization for the execution of the project.
  • Definition of a master planning based on the future yard situation.

Building assistance & training​

Total quality control, reduced lead times, project control and skilled employees are musthaves for shipyards to stay competitive. Shipyards that want to improve their competitiveness have access to building assistance by Damen, which can be provided on three levels:

  • Classroom training either on the shipyard or on a Damen Shipyard. These classroom trainings can be provided on all levels (blue and white collar). It typically enhances the theoretical skills of the people on the shipyard. 
  • On the job training is (ideally) combined with a classroom training, to gain maximum understanding and to enhance practical skills. Improving the knowledge level, giving the shipyard higher level of quality, more control on yard processes and reducing lead times. 
  • Local assistance is typically provided on blue and white collar level. On white collar level this assistance is mainly on project management level, but also quality control and planning and scheduling. Blue collar assistance is mainly provided on hull building, outfitting, pipe fitting, carpentry, electrical installation and painting. This local assistance usually consists of a site team that assists the shipyard in applying work methods, transferring practical knowledge to the people on the shipyard. Truly building the ship together, giving the shipyard (client) full benefit of the building assistance by reducing lead times and risks on the one hand and improving control, quality and profit on the other.


DFFe 4212-Sea Star

In Vietnam the site manager helped to develop skills for efficient and high quality aluminium construction.

This consisted of:

  • Consultancy on quality procedures, e.g. writing of ITP and WPS
  • Providing welding instructions based on class requirements
  • Checks on quality of material, cutting files and machines
  • Assistance on engineering issues
  • Guidance in the establishment of a building strategy, manhour calculation and planning
  • Construction advice to reduce deformations and (random) quality checks
  • Checks on completeness and progress

Furthermore, the site manager attends progress meetings to address planning and quality issues. A result of building assistance was, for example, a significant reduction of welding material by improving the welding procedures and skills.

Lifetime support​

Damen offers a wide-ranging portfolio of customer support services, which covers complete aftersales support of a vessel during its lifecycle. The services range from start-up, through deployment to lifetime extension.

Warranty. For all equipment delivered by Damen, general warranty is applicable and the Damen Services team can be reached for support 24/7.

Operating training. Damen offers a wide range of training courses to help ensure efficient and effective operation and maintenance. These tailor-made programs maintain the right balance between theoretical and practical skills and involve external parties where necessary.

Maintenance Support. Maintenance can be aided by the use of digital systems to monitor onboard signals and plan (preventive) maintenance, analyses and by actual maintenance support.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). An ILS package can be established to optimise the vessel during its complete lifecycle. This starts with the engineering stage and can include several analyses such as lifecycle costing; reliability, maintainability and availability analysis and logistic support analysis.


Damen is committed to providing the best support possible during the lifetime of the vessel. Our Services organisation is therefore globally established and involved in any Damen (part) delivery. The most extensive support is provided with an ILS package, which is typically the case for complex vessels, such as the Inshore Patrol Vessels for the South African Navy. For these vessels a reliability, maintainability and availability analysis is performed, as well as other analyses, lifecycle considerations and lifetime support are included from the start of the project.


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