Tailored engineering packages

This is generally divided in the following engineering services:

  • Conceptual, basic and detail design which consists of concept, basic and detailed design and product information.
  • Manufacturing engineering. DTC can assist in establishing a detailed planning and building strategy for, including workplace instructions for the manufacture and installation of components. This is a specialised service that is customised for each building situation.
  • Design license. Damen offers the option to buy a design license for one of its proven products or a tailor-made design, based on the above packages.

Damen has a specialised department that can provide an explanation of the engineering information and that can be reached for questions.


In July 2017, the first Damen Tug to be built in the USA went into service. It was the start of an order totalling ten Stan Tug 1907 ICE vessels, built by Great Lakes Shipyard, based in Ohio. With the Jones Act continuing to require that vessels operating in US waters be built within the country, licensing agreements between Damen and local shipyards allow Damen to sell its designs into the US market while enabling American yards to offer tried and tested vessels.

Under the license, Great Lakes Shipyard receives full construction, design and engineering support from Damen.

“Damen was always there when we needed them,” commented Joe Starck, President of Great Lakes Shipyard and The Great Lakes Towing Company. “It has truly been a pleasure to work with them, and we have really enjoyed getting to know the entire Damen team. They’re a first-class organisation.”

Supply chain solutions

With experience in over 1000 projects in more than 70 different countries, Damen has become expert in supply chain solutions, this ranges from:

  • (Partial) material packages DTC can provide a complete package for the construction of the vessel, even including cut & bent and prefabricated items, but can also adjust the scope to the specific desires of the client.
  • Local Sourcing if needed, local brands/manufacturers can be introduced into a Damen design and/or Damen can assist in the selection of partners for local sourcing to generate offset.



Portugal’s biggest construction company, Mota-Engil, won the concession for all maritime activities in Lake Malawi. Part of the agreement is the replacement of an existing vessel with a new vessel for transport purposes. Due to the land-locked nature of Lake Malawi, the new vessel had to be built on-site. The proven Damen Fast Crew Supplier 3307 matched the requirements and was selected by our client to be delivered through DTC.

The building location proved to be challenging with very limited facilities. DTC delivered a full engineering and material package and provided a broad scope of building assistance.

Alongside this, yard consultancy and the required building tools were provided. Malawi Shipping Company christened the Fast Crew Supplier 3307 ‘Chilembwe’ at Monkey Bay Shipyard in Malawi in 2015.


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