Our engagement with our stakeholders is the foundation of Damen’s success and ability to grow.

Improving the sustainability context of our activities has our continuous attention and is only possible due to the strong and long-lasting relationships with our stakeholders. An international company like Damen has a broad range of stakeholders. In line with our Code of Conduct, we respect all of our stakeholders and interact with them regularly in various ways. The Executive Board has defined our focus by identifying the groups of stakeholders that most affect – or are most affected by – our activities. The selection is based on our ambition to particularly engage with stakeholders with whom we can create the most positive contribution to sustainability…


Together with our customers, our personnel is the most essential and obvious group of stakeholders. We aim to engage the most competent people to work for our group. Damen invests in its people and their professional development and strives to create an organisation where people thrive and have fun doing their job. An employee engagement survey is conducted globally every other year and its outcome provides input for Damen’s HR policy.


At Damen, the customer comes first. Damen proactively engages with its customers to learn where and how we can improve, we consistently take this feedback on board in our continuous optimisation plans. We can only do this by staying close to them during the entire process - from contract signing to after-sales services. We continuously monitor our customer satisfaction at three key moments: contract, delivery and warranty. Periodically we also evaluate the relationship with our clients.

Local Communities

At Damen, we are committed to taking care not only of stakeholders that are directly involved in our business activities, but all people around us. The results of this philosophy can be seen on different levels like Damen’s support of the Netherlands Dance Theatre or the empowerment of disadvantaged people by Damen Shipyards Cape Town’s Training Academy. Our local shipyards and organisations report quarterly about local initiatives and their contributions to the local communities.

Local Suppliers

Following the well-known motto “think global, act local”, we work towards global issues solutions like the greenhouse effect and socio-economic inequalities by cooperating increasingly with local suppliers. By so doing, we minimise logistic costs and our environmental footprint, due to lower fuel consumption for transport. Simultaneously, we provide local jobs and thus support the economy of the respective countries.


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