Damen stands for quality - achieving productivity, flexibility, cost reduction and maximum quality for all of its products and services.

We invest in product, process and organisational development and, together with our personnel, we strive towards delivering consistent quality throughout the value chain. It all starts with the vessel’s sophisticated design and choice of materials, and ends with the professional decommissioning of the constructions. During the lifecycle of the product, we can provide excellent services and in this way be a reliable partner for our customers.

Damen Design and Standard

Damen vessels are designed and built to meet customers’ expectations.

Our vessels are built and equipped with high quality materials and systems. This results in reliability, a long lifespan and environmental and economic sustainability. Also, Damen is well known for its standard designs, giving excellent performance for the whole lifecycle. This concept, known as “The Damen Standard”, generates clear advantages such as fast delivery times, reduced costs, proven designs and has become the unique selling point of Damen. Even though our vessels are standardised, they can still be tailored to fit customer-specific requirements.

High Quality Materials

Damen has always invested in long-term relationships and close cooperation with our strategic suppliers and subcontractors. These relationships help us to further smooth the supply chain and to improve the quality of the materials and products they supply. We consistently apply the highest quality of materials to the vessels we build, whether building in steel, aluminium or composite. Together with our designs and generations of R&D, the high standard of materials we use provides the foundation for the quality of our vessels.

Warranty Support

Damen has always invested in long term relationships and close cooperation with our strategic suppliers and subcontractors.

We believe in building a relationship with our customers and therefore we offer extensive warranty support. We visit our customers regularly during the warranty period whether there is a problem or not. And should a problem arise, Damen has the right procedures, people and skills to quickly solve it. On delivery, each customer is introduced to our warranty procedure and assigned a dedicated warranty engineer. That way, you can rely on us for everything you need.

Continuous Improvement

Close cooperation and clear communication internally as well as externally is of evident importance to us. Realising that our customers have to outperform in their operations, Damen is committed to continuously improve its products and services, to meet its customers’ and stakeholder needs. Their feedback gives direction to our improvement. In addition to this, by investing in all layers of the company – department, team and individual development – we are creating a proactive learning organisation that is always striving for optimisation of our operations and products.


Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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