Damen-built equipment is at the forefront of many of our world’s most pressing social, economic and environmental developments.

From intercepting smugglers at high speed, to preventing discharge of invasive species; from making rivers navigable for essential goods, to reaching offshore wind turbines in extreme weather. To complete this picture, our stakeholders tell us that they need to know the full impact of building, operating, maintaining and decommissioning this equipment. We see this trend among all our stakeholders, including business partners, employees, governments and financial institutions.

Past Reports

With the introduction of our first Sustainability Report in 2014, we have made the topic a more explicit and visible part of Damen. In the following years, the Damen Shipyards Group has grown considerably and we have kept reporting on our efforts to enhance the sustainability performance of our organisation. We continue to believe that this is the way to express our responsibility towards our stakeholders, the environment and ourselves.

CSR Report 2018

From 2018 onwards, Damen has been reflecting on its sustainability approach and has started to re-orientate itself to keep the course. Apart from strategic changes, readjustments have been made in terms of our reporting. We have broadened our perspective and content in many ways, including an orientation towards the triple bottom line uniting social, economic and environmental responsibility. All these developments have led to the decision to rename our report to “Damen Corporate Social Responsibility Report” from now on, highlighting the beginning of a new stage.

Our CSR Reports are prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and are two-yearly assessed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy via the Transparency Benchmark.

Improvement Process

We are pursuing further improvements in corporate social responsibility, mainly in applying focus, setting clear targets, enhancing our performance as well as optimising our process of collecting reliable data throughout the entire group. Innovative – as Damen has always been – we are looking forward to taking this path and walking the talk in close dialogue with our stakeholders.

Damen greatly appreciates any questions or suggestions concerning our reporting and is more than happy to engage with you on this subject.

Please contact us: compliance@damen.com


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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2017

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Sustainability Report 2014


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