In cooperation with Damen R&D we provide quality and cost-effective services in finite elements analysis of strength and dynamics for maritime and offshore structures. We are involved in modeling and simulation, workflow and engineering application development. MDEM R&D provides guidelines and special trainings in advanced simulation.

One of the key success factors of Damen Group is the knowledge of its people. For engineering it starts from R&D department and we are proud that MDEM has found its place in the variety of innovation activities. In 2011 the Strength Department was founded at MDEM to perform calculations based on Finite Element modeling and analysis. Having started from 5 engineers, the team has been increased to 11 engineers within a year.

Being committed to achieving new goals, the department continuously expands its knowledge and experience that makes it possible to offer new services with regard to material weight optimization, dynamic analysis and nonlinear calculations in close cooperation with Damen Research & Development. Moreover, the team develops engineering tools for used FEA software applied for meshing, boundary conditions application and analysis for processes automation and reducing work time.

Owing to the knowledge and experience as well as strong cooperation with Damen Research & Development, MDEM engineers were trained within relatively short time and started to contribute in to the actual commercial projects. Main tasks of our department are as follows: finite element modeling; global and local stress analysis; natural frequency and forced response analysis; buckling analysis; strength analysis of deck equipment foundations; regular and refine mesh creation for stress concentration and fatigue analysis; conclusions and recommendations about construction reinforcement or optimization.

Main activities of CAE Department include but are not limited to:

  • Finite-element modeling
  • Strength calculations - Linear static analysis, nonlinear static analysis, buckling analysis
  • Modal and forced response analysis
  • Composites modeling and analysis
  • Material and weight optimization
  • Programming – development of engineering applications for automation of modeling and Finite Element analysis processes using API tools
  • Development of workflows, guidelines and trainings

In addition to above scope Simulation Department provides as follows:

  • Investigation of simulation approaches and their validation
  • Parametric simulation
  • Development of libraries and company internal standards for finite element modeling and analysis
  • Software development for customer needs
  • Workflow development for specific tasks


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